Renewing your StartCom SSL Cert

Since I've forgotten how to do this over the past year, here are the directions for posterity.

  1. Startcom sends you a reminder after 50 weeks and opens a window for a renewal. Log in and validate your email and domain using the Validation Wizard. Note, you need to ensure your email is going to forward properly.

  2. Generate a key and CSR on the server with the following two commands openssl genrsa -out ./ 2048  openssl req -new -key -out

  3. Once your domain is validated by StartSSL, you need to request a new certificate which is pretty self explanatory. Use the Certificate Wizard, follow the prompts, and paste in the CSR where asked.

  4. Once you've got that, copy it to a .crt file on the server.

  5. Don't forget the chain file. This can be created by cat-ing the files ca.pem and here into a .chn file.

The NFS SSL help and request link is here:

And finally, verify the newly installed cert is updated with a new expiration date.